Hemp Seed Oil For Skin

Hemp Seed Oil For Skin

Ever since the world has realized the endless benefits of cannabis Sativa and its derivatives, new products containing some form of cannabis keep surfacing. So, naturally, the cosmetology industry also plunged in and launched many items, such as hemp seed oil sunblock, hemp seed cream and many other beauty products. 

While many different cannabis derived products can be used for skincare, perhaps the most favoured among them all is hemp seed oil for skin and rightly so! Because it's an excellent compound for the human skin for a variety of reasons. It has multiple beneficial properties that make it a great solution to apply topically, which is why hemp seed oil for cleansing skin, clearing spots and treating pimples, among many others, is such a popular choice.

Additionally, many industry players opt for organic hemp oil for skin care products, which is not only beneficial for the skin but also safe for use. Although hemp oil containing products generally don't harm users, some people prefer to go for organic alternatives for their skin. With all this extolling of hemp seed oil, it’s fair to wonder if hemp seed oil is good for your skin. Well, to answer your query, this article will cover all aspects of hemp seed oil uses, skin responses to products containing said resource, production processes and, of course, its many favours for the skin.

The Making of Hemp Seed Oil: A Quick Rundown of How to Make Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant, unlike CBD oil that is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the same source. Procuring the greenish-golden-y goodness from the hemp seeds is a pretty straightforward process.

The seeds are passed through a crusher, where they get crushed, and oil is released. Next, the pulp-oil blend goes through canals where the two components are separated, resulting in pure hemp oil.

 Once the viscous liquid is acquired, it is used directly or diluted with other mineral oils to make skincare and beauty products. That said, typically, pure hemp seed oil is combined with other oils to augment its efficacy.

How Does Hemp Seed Oil Benefit The Skin?

Hemp seeds are packed with vital nutrients and other essential compounds that make the skin softer, more supple and youthful.

From a high concentration of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids to hyaluronic, linoleic, and oleic acids, hemp seed oil provides a plethora of highly useful elements for the body. For a better understanding, ahead are all the benefits with detailed descriptions.

Anti-Aging Elixir

One of the most appealing qualities of hemp seed oil has to be its anti-ageing properties. The hemp seed oil contains linoleic and oleic acids that boost cell renewal, keeping the tissues younger-looking. Moreover, it clears fine lines, wrinkles and signs of sagging skin, tightening the user’s skin.

If you want to slow down your skin's ageing, maybe it's time for you to give hemp seed oil concoctions a chance to work their magic.

Anti-Inflammatory Potion

Inflammation is a common skin trouble that can now be treated with minimal effort, using hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, particularly Omega 3 and 6, which contain GLA, gamma-linolenic acid that is known to suppress inflammation and encourage cell regeneration.

Cure for Stretch Marks

Hemp seed oil for stretch marks is a decent remedy to deal with the rather upsetting skin condition. Omega fats and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) in this incredible natural resource promote cell rebuilding and control inflammation, fading stretch marks in the process.

Naturally, when new cells come up to the epidermis, they rejuvenate the skin, which automatically lightens the streaks stretched on the skin.

A Moisturizing Tincture

If you have dry, scaly skin that worsens during the winter, you need a potent moisturizer such as Fiorhe’s Orange Hemp Cream.

While hemp seed cream benefits for skin are plenty, plumping up dry and dull tissues is worth mentioning. Hemp seed oil is known to support collagen production, which is the building block of the skin. Resultantly, healthier cells replace the withered ones, moisturizing the skin.

Additionally, fatty acids in hemp seeds protect the skin from external pollutants and help retain water. Consequently, the user’s skin turns deliciously supple.

Solution for Acne

When your skin produces excessive oil, your pores get clogged, causing breakouts. Fiorhe’s CBD Oil contains Hemp seed oil that works like a charm for soothing stressed skin and treating pimples. The CBD provides an additional autoinflammatory boost.

Contrary to popular belief that Hemp seed oil is comedogenic, it’s really not. In fact it features properties that allow it to deeply hydrate the skin without clogging the pores, preventing acne from erupting. 

Ending Note

All in all, the hemp seed oil is a powerful tonic for the skin that tackles multiple skin issues effortlessly. Be it psoriasis, acne, stretch marks or simply dull and dry skin, hemp seed oil and its products will take care of it all.

Give the fantastic amalgam brimming with skin-benefiting properties a chance to revitalize your skin and make it velvety soft.

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