How CBD cream can help with Acne?

How CBD cream can help with Acne?

From an appearance point of view, acne is one of the most dreaded skin conditions, particularly for adolescents and young adults. However, acne can occur in anyone at any age, as it’s not just a problem that teenagers face.

There have been numerous topical treatments on the market for acne over the years, some quite effective and others not so much. Today, the use of CBD, or say cannabidiol, in products to treat acne has seen a massive upsurge in popularity. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the definition of acne, what causes it and how CBD can be effective in the fight against acne and its prevention. You’ll also discover the best CBD face cream for acne. There’s no need for anyone to suffer from the discomfort or embarrassment of having acne, as it’s as treatable as any other skin condition.

What Causes Acne?

To fully grasp the effect CBD products have on acne (acne vulgaris) and its prevention and treatment, it’s important to understand what causes outbreaks of acne in the first place.

Acne can occur due to a number of physiological reasons. Some people even suggest that stress can cause an acne outbreak or even a build-up of bacteria on the skin. There is a more scientific reason behind the production of acne, though, and that’s what we will be taking a look at in this section, as it’s the most common (and likely) cause of an acne outbreak.

Areas of the skin that produce the most oil are the regions on the face and body where acne is likely to occur. Many hair follicles are connected to oil glands. Blocked hair follicles can produce a bulge in the skin, and a whitehead may form. Alternatively, the plug may open and fill with dirt and bacteria that collects in the oil. This produces a blackhead.

A substance called sebum is the common culprit when it comes to acne. This oily, waxy substance is found naturally in the skin and hair follicles, and in normal conditions, sebum protects both the skin and hair. The problem of acne arises when the body produces too much sebum. Skin becomes particularly oily and waxy, which can block pores and hair follicles and attract the build-up of grime and bacteria. Abnormal keratinization within the pilosebaceous unit is another cause of acne outbreaks.

Adolescents often suffer from acne due to sudden hormonal changes in the body that result in sebum overproduction. However, too much sebum can occur at practically any stage of life and result in a pimple or acne outbreak.

Acne Symptoms

The typical symptoms of acne are:

  • Blackheads - Open plugged pores in the skin
  • Whiteheads - Plugged pores that are closed
  • Papules - Red, tender lumps on the skin
  • Pimples (or Pustules) - Papules with pus at the tips
  • Pimples (or PustuNodules - Hard, painful lumps just beneath the skin’s surface, often commonly referred to as blind pimplesles) - Papules with pus at the tips
  • Cystic Lesions - These are pus-filled, painful, headless lumps underneath the skin

Acne Symptoms

The regions of the body that are most commonly affected by acne are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Upper back

Of course, pimples can occur practically anywhere on the body where sebum builds up, but they are most prevalent in the areas listed above. While acne on the chest or back can be easily covered up, that’s not the case when it comes to an outbreak on the face. While all acne needs to be treated, it’s the fact that people are usually most concerned about it because of the visibility of the pimples and the effect it has on facial aesthetics.

Let’s now discover how acne products containing CBD can really help and just how the properties contained within cannabidiol produce positive results.

The Effect CBD Has In the Fight Against Acne

While many products and treatments have been devised over the years, CBD has long shown some of the most positive results in combating acne. Acne creams, ointments and treatments that contain CBD as an active ingredient have been proven to be effective in not only reducing acne symptoms and the appearance of acne but also preventing acne outbreaks from occurring.

A study published by The Journal Of Clinical Investigation (JCI) in 2014 thoroughly explored the effects that CBD has on sebocytes in human skin. Sebocytes are the cells in the skin that produce sebum, the waxy, oily substance that is the common culprit in causing acne when it’s over-produced. Results clearly showed that CBD has the capacity to prevent the sebocytes from producing too much sebum, thus vastly reducing the occurrence of acne in those involved in the study group. Reducing sebum production - a major cause of acne - equates to gaining control over acne and acne outbreaks.

Likewise, further studies by JCI in 2017 discovered CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in reducing the skin swelling caused by acne, as well as antibacterial properties, which kill off bacteria and allow acne lesions to more rapidly heal.

Overall, acne products containing CBD will reduce sebum production, kill off bacteria in the skin, reduce the swelling of lesions caused by pimples and also calm the skin to help it return to a normal state. Currently, CBD is one of the best-known acne treatments available, and CBD-based acne products are proving to be consistently effective for acne sufferers in Europe and all around the world.

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