What is a pre-post workout CBD cream and what are the benefits of using it?

What is a pre-post workout CBD cream and what are the benefits of using it?

Exercising and working out regularly are good for a person's overall health and fitness goals. Exercise helps maintain ideal body weight, burns calories, speeds up the metabolism, toning and strengthening the muscles and joints. The downside can be lingering muscle stiffness and soreness, even if you haven't sustained any injury. Even the fittest people will still experience muscle soreness following strenuous exercise.

People who regularly work out will generally do a warm-up and a cool-down before and after an exercise session. This helps prevent injuries and loosens up the muscles to reduce stiffness and soreness. However, another option is applying CBD cream before or after a workout. Let's take a closer look at CBD creams and oils that have been specifically formulated to assist in pre and post-workout routines and how they can be of added benefit.

CBD For Muscle Recovery

CBD is derived naturally from the hemp plant and has been shown to have many positive benefits. It can be used in a variety of healthcare products, taken both internally or used externally. With this in mind, how does the application of CBD help with a pre and post-workout routine?

When we work out, whether it be jogging, playing a sport or lifting weights at the gym, the muscle fibres suffer microscopic damage as a result. This leads to stiffness and soreness as the body naturally repairs and strengthens that microscopic damage. The properties of CBD oil have been shown, through numerous tests and studies, to help these muscle fibres repair more rapidly, thus reducing the timeframe of any muscle soreness. CBD also works well in a pre-workout routine to prepare the muscle fibres for intense physical activity, ultimately leading to shorter recovery after completing a workout.

It's also pertinent to note that CBD cream can help reduce or prevent joint stiffness and soreness, which can result from intense or repetitious physical activity.

Other Vital Ingredients for Muscle Health and Recovery

Like many products on the market for all sorts of applications, for something to be effective, it usually requires a specific combination and blend of ingredients, and CBD pre-post workout cream is the same.

Arnica is a natural herb, and when applied as part of a topical cream, also assists in reducing and preventing muscle stiffness and soreness. The properties of the arnica herb are known to reduce inflammation, assist in more rapid muscle repair, reduce soreness in soft tissue and have even been shown to play a positive role in injury recovery. This includes torn muscles and even fractures of the bones. It's quite a versatile and powerful herb.

Devil's claw is yet another natural ingredient that will likely be found in most pre-post workout creams. Once again, this substance reduces pain in muscles and joints when applied topically as a cream. Fiorhe's special formulation combines the benefits of arnica, devil's claw and CBD for a perfect entourage for all sportsmen. It can help speed up the recovery process following intense physical activity and assist in preventing injuries and speeding up recovery and healing following an injury. It contains anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and provides pain relief.

How To Use CBD Cream Pre-post Workout

CBD pre and post-workout creams are applied topically to the areas where you are likely to experience muscle soreness and stiffness. It's best to apply the cream both before a workout and immediately following your exercise routine for the best results.

Along with the benefits supplied through the active ingredients found in a pre-post workout CBD cream, rubbing the cream into the muscles and massaging them also has its benefits. This massaging action promotes better blood flow to the muscles, which warms them up in readiness for a workout and also provides vital nutrients to help the muscles recover faster following a workout.

The massaging effects, along with increased blood flow and the active ingredients of CBD cream, results in much faster workout recovery.

Fiorhe Pre-post Workout CBD Cream

Fiorhe's pre-post workout cream contains 2.5% CBD with devil's claw and arnica. As we've established throughout the article, these three key ingredients provide the perfect combination for muscle recovery, reducing stiffness and soreness associated with working out and helping to speed up the healing process after injuries. It also assists with sprains, strains and neck pain and can help to maintain fluidity in the joints. Choose Fiorhe for the very best, all-natural CBD products on the market. Please browse our website or get in touch today.

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