Collection: CBD Fitness and Workout Products for Sportsman

Welcome to the new Fiorhe's collection featuring CBD products for sportsmen. We craft the perfect CBD fitness products by combining the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of natural compounds like Arnica and Devil’s Claw with the efficacy of CBD. When mixed with CBD, these natural elements allow sportspersons and athletes to treat and recover from minor injuries and tired muscles without any side effects. 

CBD massages

CBD massage can ease and relax your muscles through the decontracturing action of the massage and the properties of CBD interacting with your endocannabinoid system through skin absorption.

It is widely used among sportsmen these days as a remedy for trauma and to soothe pain caused by tense muscles and the accumulation of post-lactic acid workout. It is also suggested that a simple massage before exercising can help warm up the muscles by preventing any tears and contractures.

Alleviate Stress and Anxiety 

If you often feel stressed or suffer from anxiety, you can also enjoy the advantages of a CBD oil massage. A CBD oil massage will help you to de-stress and its effects can last for up to two hours.

CBD pre-post workout

Muscle Recovery

When we work out, whether it be jogging, playing a sport or lifting weights at the gym, the muscle fibres suffer microscopic damage as a result. This leads to stiffness and soreness as the body naturally repairs and strengthens that microscopic damage. The properties of CBD oil have been shown, through numerous tests and studies, to help these muscle fibres repair more rapidly, thus reducing the timeframe of any muscle soreness. CBD also works well in a pre-workout routine to prepare the muscle fibres for intense physical activity, ultimately leading to shorter recovery after completing a workout.

It's also pertinent to note that CBD cream can help reduce or prevent joint stiffness and soreness, which can result from intense or repetitious physical activity.

Other Vital Ingredients for Muscle Health and Recovery

Like many products on the market for all sorts of applications, for something to be effective, it usually requires a specific combination and blend of ingredients, and CBD pre-post workout cream is the same.

For this reason, Fiorhe has combined CBD with Arnica and Devil's claw to boost their power.

Arnica is a natural herb, and when applied as part of a topical cream, also assists in reducing and preventing muscle stiffness and soreness. The properties of the arnica herb are known to reduce inflammation, assist in more rapid muscle repair, reduce soreness in soft tissue and have even been shown to play a positive role in injury recovery.

Devil's claw is yet another natural ingredient that reduces pain in muscles and joints when applied topically as a cream. Fiorhe's special formulation can help speed up the recovery process following intense physical activity and assist in preventing injuries and speeding up recovery and healing following an injury.