Local cultivation and a careful natural process. We guarantee a premium product due to a production method that defines our standards of excellence. Rigour and care, from the fields to the packaging.

Fiorhe's hemp body creams contain high-quality natural products of the plant: essential oils, CBD, but also polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, and antioxidant substances. Thanks to the synergistic presence of these elements, the beneficial entourage effect is obtained. Moreover, the BIO nourishing CBD body oil is made from cold pressing of organic and Sicilian hemp seeds, which moisturizes the skin and helps in avoiding aging. It also consists of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent action.

Our production follows four simple but essential processes:

Hemp farming

Step 1

Hemp farming

The production is made in Italy, indeed, in Sicily. 
Cultivation and harvesting take place with care and patience, in full compliance with seasonal cycles and 100% natural parameters.

Our hemp is from the Futura 75 strain and was developed for the production of seeds and biomass (CBD). It is BIO farmed, without the use of pesticides, and utilizes the crop rotation technique. This allows to improve the soil fertility, and increase crop yield and is essential for sustainable farming.
The hemp is replanted in the same crop every three years, alternated with grasses and leguminous plants because they enhance the soil to increase its level of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium: the three microelements the plants need to grow healthy and productive. 

Fiorhe's hemp grows without using any additional irrigation too.
In this way, the soil stays healthy thanks to the natural cycle of sun/rain and the minerals and microorganisms that fertilize the soil stay undisrupted. This strategy in addition to the crop rotation, and the vicinity of our Volcano Etna helps to preserve our crop yield.
Every eruption, our beloved Mama Etna covers our crops with precious volcanic ash which is rich in inorganic fertilizers such as calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. The perfect mix for growing strong and healthy plants.

These are the foundation of our excellence.


Step 2


Fiorhe's oil is obtained from the cold pressing of Sicilian and certified organic hemp seeds.
This process helps to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the product and to separate, thanks to a perfect balance of temperature and pressure, the natural compounds of the plant from the THC.
It is also produced handmade and in small batches to always guarantee the freshness and uniqueness of the product.

The addition of CBD crystals

step 3

The addition of CBD crystals

CBD crystals are obtained through a process based on hypercritic CO2, which, thanks to a perfect balance of temperature and pressure, allows the natural compounds of the plant to be separated from the rest, thus removing completely the THC.
Naturally, Fiorhe products comply with EU requirements.

Also in this cycle, no additives or chemicals are used to preserve the naturalness of the product.

hemp products

step 4

Analysis & Controls to aim for excellence

Although the process has so far been accurate and precise, the product is subjected to further analysis and quality tests to guarantee the high standards of excellence that Fiorhe has chosen for its production.

The result is a high-level product that meets all the requirements and regulations of the European Union.